(a) Sense of worth

At the beginning of the journey, Coelho is hardly self-confident, doubting his decision to walk the Road to Santiago and insecure about his expectations of his walk (Coelho, 2003b, p. 10). Based on his failure to gain the sword, Coelho must have experienced a break in self-worth since the incident. However, at the end of his trip, after having regained his sword, Coelho concludes: “The chapel was completely lit when I came to its doors. Yes, I was worthy of entering, because I had a sword and I knew what to do with it” (Coelho, 2003b, p. 222). He repeats two pages later: “I was worthy of my sword, because I knew what to do with it.” (Coelho, 2003b, p. 224). Through the journey, Coelho reinstalled his self-worth through meeting his aim and through an increase in knowledge, as well as through his selfdevelopment towards becoming a master of RAM and being accepted in the community of masters. This re-installation of self-worth through the experiences on the journey and the lessons learnt led Coelho to an increase in wellness.

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