(b) Sense of control

During the pilgrimage, Coelho learns to obey and trust his guide, Petrus, by trusting his intentions and giving up control. In Chapter 13 - Command and obedience - Coelho’s obedience is set a test when he is requested to lift a huge wooden cross upon his back with his hands and arms wrapped in bandages after the fight with the dog (Coelho, 2003b, p. 179). Coelho obeys, giving up his self-control, trusting Petrus to guide him competently to find his sword (Coelho, 2003b, p. 18). Giving up the sense of control to a guide Coelho has never met before requires high trust and faith in the order of RAM, but also in the other person. The loss of self-control is finally experienced as relaxing, particularly since Coelho becomes aware that the individual sense of control is an illusion and that trust outlasts a sense of control.

Coelho gives himself and the journey trustfully into the hands of his guide (and God) and therefore gains control over his emotions, his ability to relax and trust, which contributes to his wellness.

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