Global Events

“The pilgrimage” (2003b) refers to an inner journey of the writer and does not reflect global events.

Conclusion on Holistic Wellness in “The Pilgrimage”

Generally, life tasks and life forces play an important role in Coelho’s holistic wellness. On the journey of RAM, Coelho engages strongly with the life task of spirituality through walking, self-reflection, connection to God, exercises, rituals, spiritual practices, contact with the soul, life-death experiences and understanding the meaningfulness in life. Examples show that self-direction - moving from being a disciple to a master of RAM - self-worth, emotional awareness and coping, problem-solving and creativity through conversations and exercises, and the acceptance of loss of self-control also increase during the journey.

The life task work and leisure shows a shift in importance; though work is important in the beginning, it gets another quality of importance in the end. Leisure time balances work experiences and is seen as an important time to recreate, self-prepare and feel well.

Generally, friendships are hardly addressed during the journey. However, the development of the deep friendship between Coelho and Petrus is described. This friendship contributes to Coelho’s wellness.

Finally, love and the ability to distinguish between different forms of love is part of the learning curve for Coelho. He experiences the new love not only on a cognitive, but also on an affective and behavioural level as the “love that consumes”.

The journey leads to growth in holistic wellness, increasing Coelho’s strength, providing him with clarity, healing, commitment and belonging, as well as posing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges that he manages well.

With regard to the life forces, the family, particularly his wife, who supports him fully, is the initiator of his decision to walk the Road to Santiago. However, the most important life force identified on the journey is Coelho’s religion, which is con?nected to spirituality. Life forces such as (informal) education, in terms of emotional learning and the integration of new spiritual insights, are also important and increase his holistic wellness. The impact of global events is not addressed.

The journey on the Road to Santiago is an account of the development of holistic wellness in the life of Paulo Coelho with special regard to improving the life tasks of spirituality and love, supported by the life forces of religion and family.

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