(c) Realistic beliefs

With regard to realistic beliefs, Coelho highlights that he had always thought when he was younger that at the age of 59 “I would be close to paradise and to the absolute peace I thought I could see in the eyes of Buddhist monks” (Coelho, 2011, p. 3). However, this belief has turned out to be untrue and an unrealistic belief. In Chapter 1, the writer finds himself in a personal crisis due to his stagnation in spiritual development and he realises that he is further away from this aim than ever before (Coelho, 2011, p. 3): “the times when I emerge myself in some magical reality last only seconds.” He develops a new realistic belief that spirituality and holistic wellness requires hard work and that “spiritual growth doesn’t always arrive hand- in-hand with wisdom” (Coelho, 2011, p. 214). This is expressed in the situation with Yao and Hilal at a reader’s party, where Coelho realises his lack of wisdom and the need for constant reflection on one’s own realistic beliefs.

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