(i) Self-care

The journey is a journey of self-care to develop himself spiritually and personally and to find the key to inner peace and contentment. The self-care is expressed within the narration by monologues and self-reflections, by taking time out from everything else, relaxing and just caring about himself. Self-care, therefore, is an underlying topic throughout the book, which contributes to the re-establishment of Coelho’s holistic wellness.

(j) Stress management

As a self-care topic, stress management is another underlying topic in the book. Coelho decides to travel, to experience closeness to God, to develop and to recon?nect to the spiritual dimension. Through travelling he manages his intrapersonal stress that is caused by his feelings of stagnation (Coelho, 2011, p. 11). Stress release is reached through new experiences, open-mindedness, new insights, a change of context, the reconnection with God and the resolution of previous conflicts. Travelling is a stress management tool for Coelho, which contributes to his overall and holistic wellness.

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