Development of the Life Task Self-Direction

While Coelho mainly focused on sense of worth, self-control, emotional awareness and coping in terms of self-direction during his thirties, in “The pilgrimage” he described how he had established his new self-direction as a writer with the support of Petrus. Coelho further presented the way in which he recreated his identity during his journey and his self-direction as a writer was mainly developed during that time of his life.

Twenty years later, Coelho re-evaluated his self-direction as an established writer. At that time, he was world-famous and his birth as a writer lay 20 years behind him. He had grown into his profession and was focusing on recreating real?istic beliefs, new emotional awareness, new problem-solving options. In “Aleph”, Coelho described his re-establishment as a writer, a spiritual person, regaining his self-control and his emotional awareness, coping and problem-solving. With regard to self-direction, Coelho worked on the same issues, but on a deeper, more consciousness and detailed level. He returned to his self-direction created 20 years previously and deepened and re-evaluated his concept of self-direction. Coelho had established his sense of worth during the previous 20 years: While sense of worth development was one of the major issues in the 1980s, it was hardly addressed 20 years later. Although his sense of worth was strong, he needed to refine his beliefs, his emotional awareness and problem-solving capabilities in his fifties and sixties.

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