The Development of Life Forces and the Impact of Global Events

The development of life forces and global events in Coelho are summarised as follows: All life forces played a role in Coelho’s thirties and forties, as well as in his fifties and sixties. However, the life forces family and religion played an outstanding role. In terms of family, Cristina had the most important impact on Coelho from his thirties to his sixties. In terms of religion, the content of the life force religion changed; in his thirties, Coelho mainly referred to RAM, the Catholic order, and its important impact on himself. During his fifties, he opened up his concept of religion, becoming mainly integrative, referring to aspects of different (world) religions and integrating various aspects of religions into his concept of spirituality.

Hardly any development can be described with regard to global impacts on Paulo Coelho’s life. He did not describe those possible impacts anywhere. However, in his fifties he highlighted that a writer has the responsibility to comment on global events and developments. A slight development of Coelho can be interpreted as a move from a strongly self-related focus to a more inter-related focus, realising his personal opportunities to influence the world and be influenced by global events.

In conclusion, the findings show that during the 20 years, Coelho developed, integrated and deepened his holistic wellness in terms of this life tasks, life forces and his impact on global events.

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