Narrative Peculiarities in Life and Selected Creative Works

Finally, narrative peculiarities also need attention in the context of the life narrative. Only a few selected narrative peculiarities will be referred to, to highlight underlying (conscious or unconscious) aspects of the narrations in the life and works of

Table 8.19 Overview of faith development and vocation “The Pilgrimage” to “Aleph”

Thirties and forties and “The pilgrimage” - Focus on Stage 4

Fifties and sixties - Focus on Stage 5

Development -from Stage 4 to Stage 5





Critical evaluation of previous belief systems and faith leads to the integration of different perspectives and to deeper transformation


Reflection of development

Overcoming tensions of

Critical evaluation of values, beliefs, commitments and relationships

paradoxes and polarities

Focus on personal development, new perceptions and values

Recognition of limitations of own belief systems

In “The pilgrimage”, Coelho reflects on his former stages up to Stage 5

Recognising symbols and meaning beyond faith

Coelho overcomes his traditional beliefs and learns new beliefs on the Road

Integration of multi-layered, complex identity

Re-evaluation of faith, birth of new selfconfidence and new identity

In “Aleph”, Coelho describes different religious traditions and integrates them into his spiritual system

Transforming and integrating attitude

Integration of different views on God and present and previous lives

Increasing awareness and connectedness to God and others




Follow your dream approach

Deepen the question of meaning in life

From conscious recognition of the life’s dream as a calling of God (becoming king of the kingdom) to the re-establishment of the kingdom and reassurance on personal destiny

Connect to God

Destiny of being a writer

Writing as “divine gift”

Integrating God’s images

Life’s dream is connected to God’s calling

Re-establishment of meaningfulness in life

Live life to the full

Becoming the king of the kingdom again

Fight the good fight

Overcoming lifetime limitations

Develop spiritually

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Coelho. The focus of this work is not a narrative analysis; however, the narrative peculiarities that were noteworthy in content analysis will be presented in the following section. They contain firstly, the aspects of fiction and non-fiction in Paulo Coelho’s narration; secondly, the I-narrator perspective; thirdly, subjectivity and coherence in life narration and fourthly the aspects of holistic wellness in the narrations.

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