Conclusions on Holistic Wellness in the Life of Paulo Coelho

It can be concluded that Paulo Coelho constructed and reconstructed his life strongly and dynamically with regard to holistic wellness through self-reflection, constant new challenges, new ideas, recurring questions and travels. His self-expression in his creative works supported Coelho in recognising the need to change and develop while reflecting his spiritual processes that had been conducted, as well as anticipating his visionary spiritual developments.

As shown in Chap. 8, the autobiographical accounts recreate his spiritual development and are written accounts on his personal development with regard to holistic wellness, life tasks and life forces, at the same time affecting his self-descriptions. Coelho appears to be a self-reliant, self-focused individual, mindfully focused on the present moment, in contact with himself and with a higher force. Outstandingly important are his connection to God, his actively redefined faith, relationship with God and with his wife, his spirituality and his strong self-reflection that contributes to his writing abilities (Fig. 9.2).

It is assumed that if Coelho were to explore the concept of friendship as a social dimension of his wellness, the interpersonal contact could develop his holistic wellness in more depth and it could contribute to his further development to Stage 6 and the social dimension of faith development. Coelho still has development potential in terms of holistic wellness, integrating mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and in terms of faith and a shift towards a more interpersonal, social and friendship-related holistic wellness. These social shifts could contribute to developing a new layer of holistic wellness in Coelho’s life towards a caring relationship with others, which could support him even more in times of crisis, depression and frustration.

After the summary and conclusion on the findings on the HWM, the focus is placed on the findings on the FDT.

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