Combining Holistic Wellness Model and Faith Development Theory in This Study

The combination of the HWM and the FDT is a fruitful theoretical combination in psychobiographical research. Both theories contribute in combination to a complex positive psychological understanding of Paulo Coelho and thereby to wellness and spirituality research in psychobiographies. Both theories were applied successfully in this study, as in previous studies (Fouche & Van Niekerk, 2010), integrating body, mind and spirit. The topics of holistic wellness and faith could be explored in depth with particular focus on spirituality.

The use of the HWM contributes to the exploration of the emotional aspects in Coelho, which might have been underrepresented in case of the use of the FDT only (see Sect.

The focus on spirituality is emphasised in the HWM, as well as in the FDT, which supports the topic from different theoretical perspectives, emphasising the strong focus of spirituality and faith development in the life and creative works of Coelho, supporting the gaining of in-depth understanding from a structural as well as content-based perspective.

In this study, both theories finally proved suitable for this psychobiographical study on Paulo Coelho, its purpose and aims, for providing the theoretical background of the analysis of a single case across his lifetime.

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