Paulo Coelho

Other psychobiographical studies should be conducted on the writer, Paulo Coelho, based on other theories and research methodologies and constructed through the eyes of a different researcher with a different researcher’s bias. Only the comparison of different psychobiographies on one single writer might contribute to a more complete picture of the writer him/herself.

With regard to Paulo Coelho, particularly, the deeper exploration of the life task friendship and work and leisure would be interesting and might reveal different findings and results.

A follow-up study on Paulo Coelho could also use the findings and interview Paulo Coelho with regard to the findings, open questions, his responses to the findings of the study and his view on the findings. Open questions might include the question of how spirituality and religion are interlinked for Paulo Coelho, how he wants to develop in future in terms of faith, what his ideal faith development would be and how he would describe his holistic wellness, his health, his faith.

If possible, an interview with Paulo Coelho should be conducted with the writer himself to gain more information and new insights from him on the open questions and in the context of another psychobiographical study.

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