Value Creation and the Internet of Things: How the Behavior Economy will Shape the 4th Industrial Re

a World Where Everything is ConnectedIntrinsic Behavior as a New Economic ModelExtrinsic and Intrinsic ModelsWhy This Book Now?THE EMERGING PRESENTChasing Value in Everyday ExperiencesThe Value of Behavior Platforms: The New Presentation of Self in Everyday lifeThe Perceived Significance of Self as ValueMeaning as ValueThe Present as ValueA Platform for Now: SnapchatSocial Capital Value and ValuationsForesight as ValueTo Have and To Be and the Language of IdeasIntrinsic Motivation and the Behavior EconomyThe Goal of BeingThe Benefit of Value and the Benefit of MeaningThe Language of Concepts and IdeasDimensions of ValueBackground to Dimensions ofValueValue and the Condition of Being humanThe Human Context: Meaning and Human LifeThe Condition of Being HumanSources of Human ValueDesire and What We Find of Value in Human LifeValue in ChangeMe Through Your Eyes: Wellness and Purposeful TransformationIntrinsic Dimensions ofValueThe Means: Modes of Creation and ConsumptionBusiness Capability: The Organized Means by which we Achieve ValueThe Primary Dimensions ofValueReframing Value: Duality and the Internet of ThingsBecoming Through PluralityDimensions of Duality: Duality of SelfMaximizing Value in DualityTwo WorldsFrom Location to PlaceThe New meaning of TravelLatent ValueValue ThemesLINK-ENABLED SPACESvalue in objectsCONTEXT IS THE VALUE VARIABLEOBJECTS IN CONTEXT ARE CONTENTWHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED ME TO BE?VALUE CREATION AND DELIVERY Frameworks and MindsetsA Few Words about Frameworks and Ways of SeeingSense Makers, Note Takers and TrickstersWhy Reframe MindsetsNew Framework: From Adding to Creating ValueNew Framework: From Consumer to AudienceHOW IS AN ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY DIFFERENT FROM A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY?New Framework: Entertainment EverywhereWhat are the Attributes of the Experience that Compels an Audience?The Flight Model of Experience and Value CreationFULL SPECTRUM EXPERiENCESLanguageIncentivesGamificationHarmonizationTransformationChanging Mindset, Changing CapabilityThe Dynamic EnterpriseQuestions and ValueWhat is the Question for Which the WWW is the Answer?Value Dynamic EnterprisesStrategic Ambition as a Value SourceThe ambition to be the First, the Best, the onlyFrom Being First to Being BestAmbition and Business ModelsThe Value Proposition Objectified: UberLarge-scale DynamismVALUE CAPTURE AND DELIVERYThe Future as a ChoiceThe Value Creating EnterpriseDesigning the FutureThe Future is a Foresight, Not a ForecastFuture-Proof: The Sustainable Innovation EnterpriseScenario-based Innovation and Decision MakingStrategic and User ScenariosForesight and the Value Creating EnterpriseIBM 5 in 5 as a Method of Sustainable InnovationIn the Future, Everything Will LearnBuying Local Will Beat OnlineDoctors Will Routinely Use Your DNA to Keep You WellA Digital Guardian Will Protect You OnlineThe City Will Help You Live in ItStrategic Opportunities in the Internet of ThingsBy the NumbersIt is Already HereA Link-Enabled Ecologylink-Enabled Mobile Devices as a New un-Mass MediumLink-Enabled Ecology as a Strategic OpportunityBig Ideas for the Internet of Things KNOWLEDGE ReadyFraming the OpportunityIdentity as Economic CurrencyAreas of Opportunity and Themes IDENTITY As a COMpASSMAKING SENSE OF EVERYTHINGIDENTITY IN LINK-ENABLED ECOLOGIESINTELLIGIBLE TRUST-COMMON SENSE TRUSTTHE PASSPORT FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGSMISSION CRITICAL PURPOSEDATA ENABLERSSide Bar to Areas of Opportunity and Themes PERSPECTIVES IN ConversationSOURCES OF MOTIVATION Extrinsic and Intrinsic MotivationMapping the Motivational Landscape the formation of the safety spaceThe Effect of the Safety Space on Intrinsic MotivationThe Need to Break Out of the Safety SpaceResponsible People Thrive on Freedom, and are Worthy of FreedomTapping into the Power of SelfBreaking out of the Safety SpaceDesire (Opening the Heart)Expansion (opening the Will)Explosion (Opening the Mind)Conditions that Facilitate Intrinsic MotivationConnecting to the SourceAligning Behaviors through Motivational ObjectsRedefining Intrinsic MotivationFramework of Intrinsic MotivationThe Redefinition of Intrinsic MotivationIDEOLOGY, LEADERSHIP AND STRATEGIC VALUELeadership, Ideology and Value CreationFrom Methodology to IdeologyPurpose of Enterprise: To Do GoodLeadership in the Emerging PresentNo Longer NumbersHard Work—Not Directly RelevantArt Not ScienceLeadership in the Behavior EconomyDisruptions and the Behavior EconomyThe AttributesLEADERSHIP AND SYSTEMS THINKINGINTEGRATED INNOVATION AND FORESIGHTFIVE-POINT LEADERSHIPContrasting Force No. 1: Disruption and IntegrationContrasting Force No. 2: Entrepreneur and PhilosopherBinding Force: PilotOpportunities in LeadershipAcknowledgmentParticipating in the Behavior EconomyDefining your Platform CharacteristicsReinforcing your Innovation Pipelinereframing your CompetitionReframing CollaborationUse the Strategic Value FrameworkEncourage a Safe Space to Develop MetricsIdentify what success will EnableFostering a Culture to Shape an Ideal FutureBecoming a Five-point LeaderThe Binding Force: The PilotAfterwordBibliography
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