Value in Change

Humans are always in multiple states of being: who we were yesterday, who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow. We are on a perpetual journey towards a dynamic destination. This is what 'becoming' requires. We are in constant need of mediums, because we need a constant tool for our new direction in life. Every tool that we create is an expression of our current understanding of the destination, and these tools always modify our destination. We are in constant need for tools as new platforms for possibility, and through them, new destinations for becoming. Wanting to become means both recognizing and desiring new conditions. Beneath this desire is a value judgment—an implicit personal assigning of value to change—an embracing and ranking of different states of existence. Wanting is the pursuit of possibility, and implicitly assigns value to change.

Me Through Your Eyes: Wellness and Purposeful Transformation

I want to be the best I can be so you can see me as the best representation of myself. So far, so good. But how do I measure this condition and how do I label it? We use the term Wellness to generally describe the absence of disease and a generally positive and productive state of mind. According to the National Wellness organization and Ray Meyer Fitness & Recreation Center, of DePaul University, there are six dimensions[1] of wellness that are necessary to feel healthy and be happy in this life. Health and wellness is a state of being that is more than an 'absence of disease.' When you attain a balance in the six dimensions of wellness, you feel more energized and excited about living. You will be more proactive, self-determined, joyful, and healthier. All six dimensions are needed to feel totally fulfilled, and depending on your personality, you may find more satisfaction and joy in one area than another, but you should not neglect any one of the areas. All six dimensions of wellness are integrated and influence each other; the first dimension needs the most attention as your ability to do all the other areas is curtailed if you fail in the first.

Because of the importance we give in life to each of these six dimensions, they become dimensions of what we value.

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