Business Capability: The Organized Means by which we Achieve Value

Memorializing is not a trivial pursuit; it is not about the self, but about the perceived significance of the self to others. This is the real value of our digital legacy on Facebook; through Facebook we are leaving a trace that, from our perspective of today, looks like immortality. Facebook is the organized means by which the human condition of plurality receives its current manifestation, and its most compelling value platform.

What is the business model that will deliver the values we hold as primal to our being? It is all a question of how one defines 'business.' I define the role of any business as the organized capability of creating and delivering any medium for the manifestation of human behavior. The tools we use, the staples we consume

The simplified map of the human conditions and its means

Figure 3.2 The simplified map of the human conditions and its means

every day to maintain who we are, and to become more than what we are. The means (Figure 3.2) that deliver on our primary dimensions of value, by allowing us to become and to belong.

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