Value Themes


When entering a Link-Enabled space, a person transforms that space through the chain of links they provide. This transformation is not unidirectional; the space will in turn leave its mark on the person, thus touching all subsequent spaces that person will enter. These spaces will shape and be shaped by human experience. Once enabled to do so, people will reveal their needs and wants through their interactions and behaviors. When places and objects are data enabled, they take meaning from people, they become what people need them to be at a given moment in time and for a given purpose. Any smart-phone is an example of this. It becomes what you need it to be: a game console one minute, a communication tool the next, and a business device minutes later.

The meaning of the object shifts with the user's intentions and purpose. In a Link-Enabled ecology every combination of people, devices and places will create a wealth with a unique social capital possibility. Every setting and every interaction will determine a one of a kind ecosystem of opportunity. The crucial question: Upon entering a Link-Enabled space, how do people transform the space itself through the links they provoke?

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