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Frameworks and Mindsets

Why is opportunity so hard to see when it is staring you right in the face? There are signals of opportunity everywhere around us, but until we assign meaning and value to them, we act as if they don't exist.

The poet Goethe said that 'the hardest thing to see is what's in front of your eyes,' and that is because within the world of reality we see according to the frameworks we have constructed in our mind. We design these frameworks in order to clarify the purpose of things in our life, in order to give them meaning, and in order to arrange them in a sequence that we can understand. Organizations are such frameworks, as are relationships we construct within. The framework is designed to allow us to arrange the furniture in the room without any preset lines, because we can see it all in our head, because the reality we are organizing is a reality that corresponds to a framework in our mind. In the same way we arrange guests at the dinner table, and in the same way we arrange the flatware and tableware on that table.

We like dealing with precise frameworks because we like measurable outcomes, and because this is what education is mostly about, teaching us frameworks. When looking at something for the first time, we are searching for frameworks so we can understand the meaning of the thing. We design these frameworks. And so we can redesign any framework to achieve the mindset we are after. It is therefore imperative when considering the changes that the Internet of Things will bring about in the behavior economy, to purposefully redesign our frameworks and mindset about enterprise and business in this new context.

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