The Flight Model of Experience and Value Creation

What great technology companies realized a while ago is that the best engagement happens in experimentation, through the creation of behavior platforms that allow the users to define, side by side with the company, what the product is all about. Think YouTube: it is what users make it be.

The challenge: how does one make user engagement a mainstream activity for a new generation? Does the expertise reside in the creation of new and exciting experiences? Does it reside in marketing differently to this very defined and distinctive group—the Millennial? In my view, the expertise needs to reside in both. If one creates a new experience that is marketed in the traditional media channels—radio, TV and print—sadly none of the Millennial will be there. So where do we start?

We start with a plan and a new model. This model is FLIGHT and it consists of six intertwined elements:

  • • Focus;
  • • Language;
  • • Incentives;
  • • Gamification;
  • • Harmonization; and
  • • Transformation.


Three generative questions will help frame the strategic focus of the marketing initiative. They are:

  • 1. What is the capability required for transforming the knowledge and experience of your brand into social, cultural and economic capital in the context of a networked, empowered and participatory new demographic?
  • 2. What unique and new social and cultural role can your brand play in the future, in the life of individuals and organizations, and how might current developments and trends affect this role?
  • 3. What unique new business role can your brand play in the lives of individuals and organizations, and how will current disruptive technology, developments and trends affect this role?

Impact, social purpose and social media are the key words that should inform any new strategy. Any experience designed for the Millennial now has to use digital media, tools and channels previously not in the domain of brand management.

The focus needs to be on enabling new interactions through technology, thus creating a social experience, which in turn will determine the value experience of the engagement. Improve the social experience and you will improve the engagement experience. I have termed this engagement a Full Spectrum Experience.

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