Everything and everyone being potentially connected, and transmitting information, means that everything and everyone needs a passport for identification purposes. In this context a passport means a mobile platform—a hub—in which the user can drag and drop all the applications for which identity authentication is desired, and from which the user can perform transactions which are authenticated with speed and simplicity, or pre-authorized by the intelligibility of the identity.


With the massive increase of data exchange endpoints, and the massive increase in the numbers of identities potentially present in an environment, the requirement of understanding the mission of each data transaction becomes critical. By performing a qualitative assessment of the mission critical status of each transmission, we gain understanding which information exchange requires identity authentication. Mission Critical refers to the purpose of the transmission, what it needs to accomplish and if it needs to be authenticated or not. Advising hosts of the nature of the incoming data will be a beneficial service, because it means no longer involving a user (be that person, object, or place) in any decision-making. Functionally, this means screening the incoming request, determining its nature and criticality and performing the authentication in the background, while informing the host of the task that was just completed.

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