Tapping into the Power of Self


Breaking out of the Safety Space

To cope with the complexity of the contemporary business environment, organizations need to access a qualitatively different level of cognitive power, creativity, and intrinsic motivation of their employees. They must let employees expand and explode to their full creative and imaginative capacity, through a process of repurposing, and the breakage of the boundaries of their safety spaces.

The safety space is both a mental construct and a physical space with a management enforcing the boundaries through control and direction. Hence, to leave the safety space, an individual must deal with the forces, created by the physical structure of the space and own mental model, or perception of oneself inside the space. Additionally, necessary skills to navigate in the learning space have to be developed. The process of self-expansion and exit into learning space is depicted in Figure 10.1.

Breaking out of the safety space

Figure 10.1 Breaking out of the safety space

Essentially, this process consists of the following steps:

  • Desire to expand and leave the safety space.
  • Expansion of the Self through accumulation of willpower and skills.
  • Explosion though the process of repurposing of the self and destruction of old patterns of meaning.
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