Desire (Opening the Heart)

The desire to explore beyond the boundaries of the safety space is often completely suppressed in adults, because individuals are oblivious to the ways of being outside their safety spaces, and therefore cannot desire them. An external action is required to instill this desire through initiation. An individual needs to experience the final outcome—the new way of being, not just conceptually, but with all the senses, and needs to feel the potential qualitative shift in the self. The key criteria for an individual's readiness to develop desire after initiation, is the positive answer to the question: 'does it feel right to be engaged in the activity?'—or in other words, does this activity result in a higher energy state.

Practitioners who already achieved the outcome are typically capable to initiate others through artificially created learning situations, or simply by sharing their own emotional state, about a specific experience they have had. Initiation involves empathy and requires the capacity of the heart to fall in love with the engagement. This is the first step in opening the heart, one of the skills required to operate in the learning space.

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