Conditions that Facilitate Intrinsic Motivation

If we refer back to the conditions that catalyze intrinsic motivation, the working mechanism can be explained as follows:

  • 1. Autonomy: allows actualizing and crystallizing desires for new experiences. This is often referred to as self-direction. Additionally, it allows completing the learning cycle and fully internalizing the learning experiences.
  • 2. Mastery: provides room for expansion of the self through learning by doing. In addition to perceived competence, mastery should include the individual skills, denoted by open heart, open will, and open mind.
  • 3. Purpose: allows connecting with the source of empowerment, being that past achievements, the audience, or the emerging future.

These conditions, however, do not cover the Explosion step, which is typically missing from a motivational landscape of an enterprise. Instead, organizations enforce the barriers of safety spaces to the extent that individuals, who are ready to break out into the learning space, have no other choice than to leave and start their own ventures. This is another reason for organizations to rethink their structural constraints.

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