The behavior economy is an emerging, constantly shifting landscape. This requires senior leaders to take action without clear precedents upon which to compare their decision. Businesses driven by high strategic value are those whose products, services and platforms have actively shaped the future, and created new places in the market from which to generate revenue. Strategic foresight as a methodology for creating strategic value is increasingly required for integrating the various threads of new technologies and emerging behaviors.

When researching this book we looked at leadership in organizations that have succeeded because of their ability to integrate innovations that embodied visions of the future. Each of these leaders has had to respond to an emerging market, often one that they created. The core business model of IBM revolved around information technology products, tailored to customers prior to Lou Gerstner stepping in as CEO. As IBM was disrupted by their own rapid advancements of technology, it looked like they were too big to adapt to the market. By understanding what could be achieved when integrating in-house innovation teams and focus, and seeking to understand the new behaviors of the market place, IBM transformed into a cohesive platform for offering value. IBM was turned around in two years from a leviathan about to be chopped into discrete parts, to an integrated forward-facing business that shaped the business landscape around it.


A five-point leader is motivated to build relationships between people and ideas to achieve a driving vision. They are capable of capitalizing on markets that don't yet exist, by building a billion-dollar business from an ecosystem of ideas: products, services and people that shape a desired future. A five-star leader is a rare breed, a unique blend of contrasting forces, disruptive and integrative, entrepreneurial and philosophical, held together by a desire to pilot directly into stormy uncertainty.

A five-point leader offers many lessons for anyone struggling to connect the dots and make sense of emergence as opportunity; they show the skill of holding onto the bigger picture, no matter how unattainable it may seem, while being driven to execute on the immediately attainable goals.

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