Opportunities in Leadership

These are the starting points for developing Five-Point leadership leading to the creation of strategic value, through actions that will:

  • • Reframe your business activities to align with the emerging behavior economy.
  • • Use the Strategic Value Framework to self-assess and provoke an ambitious innovation mindset.
  • • Use the Five-Point Leadership Framework to provoke professional development and business strategy.

These actions will be the answers to the question: How do I frame my business in the Behavior Economy?


Carl Hastrich seeks to understand the interplay between human-centered insights and relevant implications for the design of systems, processes and support infrastructure.

He is a foresight strategist, idea generator and a lead facilitator. Carl has designed and led co-creative workshops for a diverse range of public and private clients addressing complex problems such as the Future of Alzheimer s and organizational change driven by Patient Centricity. Carl has been an Associate Professor at OCAD University. His focus is on engaging diverse stakeholders to generate actionable outcomes. Carl is a senior associate at Bridgeable, a strategic design firm in Toronto. Carl's contribution to this work is Chapters 13 and 14.

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