Participating in the Behavior Economy


How do I frame my business in the Behavior Economy? This question is a good starting point for further exploration. The goal is always the delivery of strategic value. To do so it is important to define the need for new tools, activities, and collaborative opportunities for strategic alignment.

reframing your Business

The underling mindset is one of understanding one's product or service offering as a behavior platform for a compelling experience. In the behavior economy, you make platforms, not products. That is not a cell phone; it is a behavior platform. The lack of understanding a broader service as a platform is fundamental to the

Secret product identity failure of many businesses

Figure 14.1 Secret product identity failure of many businesses, leaving them open to disruption by companies that understand and speak to the core behaviors enabled by platforms that make other products and services obsolete. There are many ways of articulating the behavior at the core of an offering. It can be thought of as a secret identity, a hint at a deeper super power that needs to be harnessed (Figure 14.1). To provoke innovative thinking, the next opportunity is to explore diverse ways for delivering that platform. Two key themes should be considered:

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