Defining your Platform Characteristics

Centralized v. Distributed: Your platform can be tightly controlled and curated, using a centralized platform to ensure high quality control, such as LucasArts.

Platform options

Figure 14.2 Platform options

Alternatively, an open and flexible platform can distribute and integrate across multiple channels, the core strategy of Google with the Google Search Bar and Android platforms (Figure 14.2).

Hard v. Soft: Hard platforms are fully integrated into the physical devices used to access them, ensuring a consistent experience throughout; Apple is the biggest driver of hard platforms. Soft platforms live on any physical device, such as Facebook.

These make up four potential opportunities for platform design and interaction to consider, as can be seen in Figure 14.2 on the previous page.

Reinforcing your Innovation Pipeline

The central question creating a continuum of innovation is: What behaviors are you reinforcing or retrieving with your innovation? The behavior economy encourages investigation into how people interact and engage—I want to be on Facebook—rather than what individuals have and use.

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