Selected Readings

In the recently updated IPA Complete Guides to BPSD (2015), there is an updated discussion regarding the circular impact of BPSD on the family and of the family on BPSD:

• Brodaty, H., & Burns, K. (2015). Role of family caregivers. In B. Draper, H. Brodaty, & S. Finkel (Eds.), The IPA Complete Guides to Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (pp. 4.1-4.30). The International Psychogeriatrics Association, IPA.

For broader discussions of the topic within the general context of dementia:

  • • Tzuang, M., & Gallagher-Thompson, D. (2014). Caring for the caregivers of a person with dementia. In N. A. Pachana & K. Laidlaw (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology (pp. 797-836).
  • • Zarit, S., & Edwards, A. (2008). Family caregiving: research and clinical intervention. In L. C. Robert Woods (Ed.), Handbook of the Clinical Psychology of Ageing (2nd ed., pp. 255-288). Wiley Blackwell.

Additional views on systemics and circularity in BPSD are available in Portuguese:

• Gongalves-Pereira, M., & Mateos, R. (2006). Famflias de pessoas com demen- cia: Vivencias e necessidades dos cuidadores. In H. Firmino, J. Barreto, L. Cortez-Pinto, & A. Leuschner (Eds.), Psicogeriatria (pp. 541-560). Coimbra: Psiquiatria Clfnica.

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