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A short course of lectures
«Measuring the Success of Learning Through Technology»

Detailed ReportsDesigning for ResultsIsolating the Effects of the ProgramSkill PracticesCOMMUNICATION OF RESULTS CostReportingComparing Data to MoneyLevel 3 and 4 ResultsOpen Educational Resources (OER)ABOUT THE AUTHORS The Content Was Not Only Useful but Very RelevantE-LEARNING PROGRAM RESULTS Suggestions DEVELOPING THE EVALUATION PLANS THE NEED Determining Program ObjectivesTYPES OF DATA Identifying Measures Before the ProgramINTANGIBLE BENEFITS ROI CERTIFICATION ROI Analysis PlanAction PlansProcess LearningCOMMUNICATING RESULTS Level 3 and 4 DataOther Factors Have Protective OwnersIDENTIFY THE AUDIENCE Measuring ROI in an English-asa-Second-Language Program: An Online Learning SolutionInternal and External ExpertsABOUT THE AUTHOR COMMUNICATE RESULTS AND EVALUATE THE RESULTS OF COMMUNICATION Performance RecordsTime and CostGain SupportCase StudiesBENEFITS OF ROI Measuring ROI in Sales Training: A Game-Based ProgramForecasting MethodsMEASURING RESULTS Documenting the RolesFINAL THOUGHTS Single-Page ReportsCONVERTING DATA TO MONETARY VALUES Case StudiesBusiness Impact (Level 4) DataData AnalysisInternal PublicationsDetermining the BenefitsQuestionnaire ApproachMeasuring ROI: The BasicsAcknowledgments I The ROI Methodology. A Credible Approach to Evaluating Your Learning Through Technology ProgramsThe Absence of Barriers Correlates With Greater UseDevelopment of SolutionsImpact ResultsIsolationBACKGROUND SituationAdvantages and Disadvantages of Trend-Line AnalysisDuring-the-Program ActivitiesDISCUSSION QUESTIONS The Technology Learning Competency (TLC) ProgramUSE TRANSFER TOOLS INVOLVING THE PARTICIPANT'S MANAGER Program CostsBACKGROUND Evaluation and ReportingStakeholder ResponseMEASUREMENT METHODS AND DATA ANALYSIS UtilityIssues and Opportunities With Comparison GroupsMacro-Level ScorecardsSELECT THE MEDIA DELIVERING BAD NEWS Defining the RoleApplication Tools/TemplatesIntangible BenefitsEliminate Unsuccessful ProgramsLinking With Other MeasuresFIVE STEPS TO DATA CONVERSION ROI CALCULATION Barriers to ApplicationIDENTIFYING THE SOURCE KEY STAKEHOLDERS Operating Standards and PhilosophyIsolating the Effects of the ProgramThe Most Influential GroupADDRESSING THE NEED: ONE FAILURE ProblemsOBSERVATIONS AND CAPTURED DATA CHANGING THE ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS COMMUNICATION PLAN Data CollectionFINAL THOUGHTS To Do It Right Is Not Always EasyEVALUATION RESULTS About the ROI InstituteAccuracyBACKGROUND QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION Program CostFlipped ClassroomDESIGN FOR RESULTS COMMUNICATING WITH RESULTS IN MIND Program ImprovementEvaluation PlanningMeasuring ROI in a Sales Program: An E-Learning SolutionRECOMMENDATIONS ROI Process ModelAcquisition CostsOBJECTIVES A Strong Correlation Exists Between Actual Usage and Contribution to SalesOrganizational ResponseData Conversion to MoneyROI PROCESS CONCERNS ABOUT TECHNOLOGY-BASED LEARNING Measuring ROI in Work Engagement: A Blended Learning SolutionIntangible BenefitsBring Your Own Devices (BYOD)QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION Without Isolation, There Is Only Evidence, Not ProofFocus Group ApproachDATA COLLECTION STRATEGY QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION PrefaceBACKGROUND FULLY LOADED COSTS ISOLATING THE EFFECTS OF LEARNING ROI Analysis StrategyApplication (Level 3) DataFINAL THOUGHTS EVALUATION METHODOLOGY Level 3, Application ResultsLESSONS LEARNED Reporting and Using the ResultsEVALUATION METHODOLOGY Levels 4 and 5, Business Impact and ROI ObjectivesPROGRAM OBJECTIVES LESSONS LEARNED Need for the ProgramDEVELOP THE REPORT PERFORMANCE AND BUSINESS NEEDS THE TRAINING NEED Job AidsThe Data Collection Plan and ROI Analysis PlanAssumptionsLearning Through Technology: Trends and IssuesQuestionnaires and SurveysEvaluation FrameworkREPORTING TO STAKEHOLDER GROUPS Mobile LearningConversion MethodologySupport and OverheadCase Applications and PracticeTarget audience Comparison Group AnalysisLESSONS LEARNED Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)LESSONS LEARNED Organizational ProfileLevel 1, Reaction ObjectivesBrochuresElectronic MediaSimulationsQUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION CREATING EXPECTATIONS Measuring ROI in a Sales Program: A Web-Based Learning SolutionDESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING THE SOLUTIONS Results Are MissingUSING THE DATA Isolating the Effects of the ProgramImprovement Plans and GuidesIsolation TechniquesIDENTIFY THE NEEDS EVALUATION PLAN AND OBJECTIVES QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION DATA COLLECTION PLAN Design and Implementation CostsInterviewsISOLATING THE IMPACT OF TRAINING Why This Is NecessaryPreprogram ActivitiesMessages From ExecutivesJustify SpendingABOUT THE AUTHORS ROI Analysis StrategyThe Executive ViewPURPOSE OF EVALUATION Participants' ManagersFINAL THOUGHTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR Post-Program ActivitiesPerformance RecordsReinforcement ToolsParticipantsIntangible BenefitsPLANNING II Evaluation in Action. Case Studies Describing the Evaluation of Learning Through Technology ProgramsApplication and Implementation CostsACHIEVING BUSINESS ALIGNMENT EVALUATION RESULTS Reasons for Lack of DataTwo books in one Tangible vs. Intangible DataEvaluation ObjectivesABOUT THE AUTHOR AnnouncementsReaction (Level 1) DataLevel 1, Reaction ResultsMeasuring ROI in an Upgrade Selling Program: A Mobile Learning SolutionTeamwork: Mission AccomplishedResultsABOUT THE AUTHORS Level 2, Learning ObjectivesData Collection PlanHard Data vs. Soft DataMemosStandard ValuesRationale for ROIRESULTS SELECTING ISOLATION TECHNIQUES BUILD CAPABILITY IN THE ROI METHODOLOGY BACKGROUND ImplementationROI DEFINED THE IMPORTANCE OF REPORTING RESULTS Performance ContractAppendicesMaintenance and MonitoringEstimationsCONSIDERATIONS FOR COLLECTING DATA RESOURCES Results ReportingCategories/Levels of DataEnablers to ApplicationOther SourcesInitial Analysis and AssessmentFocus GroupsROI CALCULATION Other Factors Are Always PresentProgram DescriptionData Collection StrategyFormal ReportsEvaluating the ProgramAction Plans and Performance ContractsBasis for Linking Skills to PerformanceLevel 2, Learning ResultsImprove the Learning ProgramROI Model and ProcessIndexLESSONS LEARNED Level 1 and 2 DataExpert EstimationThe Need for Business ResultsMeetingsInvolving the ManagersROI ResultsTECHNIQUES TO ISOLATE THE EFFECTS OF LEARNING DATA CONVERSION METHODS Need for the EvaluationBUILT-IN APPLICATION TOOLS Evaluation MethodologyMETHODS FOR COLLECTING DATA DESIGN FOR RELEVANCE Historical Costs CalculationActivitiesApplication of Content Yields Business ResultsData AnalysisFINAL THOUGHTS COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Several Teams Have Taken Ownership of the Content ElementsData Conversion TechniquesWorkbooksFully Loaded CostGeneral Audience ReportsTHE ROI METHODOLOGY Level 4, Business Impact ResultsBrochuresGENERATING HIGH RESPONSE RATES A High Retention Level Yields a High Impact on SalesSolutionLevel 3, Application ObjectivesTHE E-LEARNING SOLUTION INTANGIBLE BENEFITS THE EVOLUTION OF LEARNING TECHNIQUES Clarifying Stakeholder NeedsSenior Managers and ExecutivesFINAL THOUGHTS General Description of ApproachCalculating the CostsTrend-Line AnalysisGame-Based LearningSet PrioritiesLevel 5, ROILearning (Level 2) DataDETERMINING THE TIMING OF DATA COLLECTION Validity and ReliabilityEvaluation Planning and Data CollectionExternal DatabasesThe Data Show a Clear Chain of ImpactParticipants' Peers and Direct Reports
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