Guided Team Reflexivity

Participants were given six minutes to collectively reflect on their Scenario 1 performance via instant computer messaging. Several questions were used to guide the discussion (e.g., How well do you think you and your team just performed in performance Scenario 1? What went right? What went wrong?), and the group was asked to brainstorm strategies for how to improve their performance in Scenario 2. In the control group, the participants discussed an unrelated topic on technology and social relationships for an identical amount of time (Tesler et al., 2011).

Guided Individual Reflexivity

Participants were given a structured opportunity to make connections between the story and how it could help improve performance in NeoCITIES. Specifically, they were given an exercise to match important elements from the storytelling/control video to their correct counterparts representing the meanings of those elements as they related to successful performance in NeoCITIES (Tesler, Mohammed, Mancuso, Hamilton, & McNeese, 2012).

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