Integrate migration and development into labour market policies

The Armenian labour market is tightly linked with migration. While to some extent the impact of migration is positive (as remittances can take the pressure off the labour market and boost self-employment), better employment opportunities and higher wages are still attracting many people abroad, especially the lowest skilled. Vocational training programmes seem to be curbing this flow to a certain extent, but more needs to be done:

  • • Vocational training programmes need to better target and match demand with supply. Mapping labour shortages and strengthening co-ordination mechanisms with the private sector would be important steps. Training programmes can also be targeted at return migrants, to help them reintegrate into the labour market.
  • • Employment agencies need to widen their activities to reach out both to current emigrants abroad and migrants who have returned to ensure they have information on and access to formal waged jobs. Building closer connections between the employment agencies and the private sector will be important for achieving this.
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