Community survey

The community survey was conducted in each community where the household survey was carried out. Some of the sampled PSus were in the same community, and therefore there are fewer communities (79) than PSus (100). The community questionnaires were completed by fieldwork supervisors mostly on the same day as the household survey, with assistance from municipal officials.

The questionnaire included around 75 questions to gather demographic, social and economic information on the communities, as well as specific questions on policies and programmes implemented in the localities. It also included questions about the share of households that currently have a family member living in another country and their most common country of residence, as well as the most common occupational activities of those living in the community.

In the capital city and other urban areas, because of lack of official data, responses were sometimes based on respondents' estimations. In two urban communities, vagharshapat (Armavir marz) and Hrazdan (Kotayk marz), municipal officials refused to participate in the survey. All the data for these two communities were collected using online and other publicly available sources.

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