Structure and content: a threefold logic

The module has a credit of 20 points (that is, one-sixth of a year's credit). In the University of Bristol model this translates to 20 hours of teaching, delivered in two-hour seminars once a fortnight. Working within this constraint, and that of the combined knowledge and expertise of the socio-legal teaching staff available in any one year, we have deployed a threefold logic to establish the structure of the module and the content of seminars.

Strand 1: thematic organization

The module is organized around topic areas with two or three seminars based around the same theme. In the initial structure, the themes were: Individuals in Dispute; Regulatory Agencies; Corporations; Police; Experts and Expertise. However, this has subsequently been modified to accommodate different staff interests, feedback from students and, most critically, a desire to discuss research ethics more explicitly within the context of a study of scholarly research literature and research design. There are now four themes: Discretion in the Legalised Arenas; Corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Foucault, Expertise and Law; and Ethics and Research Practice. This model is discussed in more detail below.

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