Prospect of a clash with the domination paradigm

Although the camp of the domineering is equipped with special attributes, given its background and performance during past centuries, its internal and external actions and reactions are understandable and predictable for the world community. However, the camp of those fighting against domination is in its early stages of formation and has a long way to go in order to become more consolidated and be accepted by the world community. Of course accelerating elements should not be forgotten. The developments already mentioned have created the serious belief among world nations that new players who are powerful on the international scene have a role to play and could heal the old wounds sustained during the imperialist and colonialist era through resistance, steadfastness and forgiveness and deal blows to the strong hegemonic system. Any effort made by the hegemonic system to confront this world movement and to strengthen and stabilize its own stance has produced the opposite result: it has been forced to leave its aggressive plans unfinished and has thus failed.

The development of communications and the wide access to media networks with their massive information and speedy data transfer have adversely affected any promotional policies and one-sided arguments propagated out by the hegemonic system. The previous Western monopoly over the mass media today, through multiple and non-monopoly satellite channels or the Internet, has confined the area of activity for the media monopolists to such an extent that in order to keep their viewers and listeners some of them are forced, however reluctantly, to transmit the world messages of their enemies: remarks made by such people as Dr Ahmadinejad (IRI president) or Seyed Hassan Nasrallah (leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah) who generally attack the West.

Islamic thoughts and ideologies as a school of campaign are swiftly expanding. Given that Islam promotes fraternity, affection, peace and friendship irrespective of race, nationality and colour and given that many societies are fed up with war, bloodshed, injustice, hostility and enmity, they are open to receiving the message of this righteous religion. The great expansion of Islam in recent years has caused concern and is seen as a threat by the West, which seeks to spread Islamophobia or misrepresent Islam as being synonymous with terrorism. However, this serves to attract the attention of more people to this life-enhancing school of thought.

As the bonds between popular governments and the masses become strengthened, unified and consolidated, fronts form for defending themselves and confronting any extravagance on the part of the hegemonists. The relationships within these

Muslim communities are not only stabilized on the basis of common interests but also on affection and convergence, terms that have no meaning in materialistic terminology. The influence of Islamic Iran on those fighting against hegemony is being further expanded and accepted by other nations, and as a pioneering and progressive country Iran is attracting the attention of most Muslim and non-Muslim nations as an applicable model and pattern.

Governments in both the Muslim and the Third World that are subservient to the hegemonic system are likely to become pressurized by their citizens and be forced to finally either surrender to the will of their people and gradually delegate power to them or face uprisings and popular revolutions, while the hegemonic system would gradually lose power in supporting them.

Generally speaking, it could be said that hegemonists would be faced with three types of challenges and confrontations in this era:

  • 1. Differences and a clash of interests among hegemonic governments, which would continue as they would not reach agreement over the division of interests in the world community over the limitation of resources and competition for access to them, and each would try to gain a better status and more benefits. Of course, such contradictions and challenges would not result in an armed confrontation among them.
  • 2. With regard to the growing awareness of the masses within the hegemonic countries, not only has their mobilization by a one-sided propaganda effort favoured by their governments become more difficult, but ever-increasing serious bottlenecks have been created preventing the implementation of their aggressive policies, which result in the defeat of their ruling governments - as has already been witnessed in Spain, Italy, Britain and the US.
  • 3. The extension of resistance against hegemony, accompanied by the overthrow of lackey governments and their replacements by more popular ones, would increasingly present the hegemonic system with serious challenges, which could well drive them to extremes.

Therefore, it is predicted that the hegemonic system would not be able to simultaneously confront these three types of challenges and would gradually lose influence, and that a day will come when nations celebrate the absolute victory of the counter-domineering camp - of course at a high cost - and this would be the realization of Almighty God’s promise, as has been expressed by the late Imam Khomeini.

Since the beginning of the Islamic Movement and especially after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini used to make references in his remarks and writings to an appropriate world system in the eyes of Islam and the Islamic Revolution. Being inspired by those materials, we have defined the framework for such a system:

1. Contrary to Marxists who believe in the constraints of history and consider sovereignty of the labouring class an inevitable event, Imam Khomeini believed that only through vigilance and awareness can the oppressed attain their rights and become victorious.

The oppressed should rise up against the oppressors; the oppressed people in all cities and countries should gain their rights with clenched fists and should not wait for the restoration of their rights, as the oppressors would not give anyone their rights.14

2. While the awareness and general uprising of the oppressed for gaining their sovereignty over the world is necessary and inevitable, by relying on verses of the Holy Quran he feels that their victory is certain and definite.

You the oppressed nations of the world, rise up and attain your rights and do not fear the brawling of the powers, as God is with you and the earth is your inheritance and God’s promise could not be violated.15

3. Preservation of the safety and revival of world peace is neither dependent on the establishment of the balance of power nor other systems on offer by Western scientists and policymakers: it is only possible through the destruction and defeat of the hegemonic powers.

This movement of the oppressed against the oppressors should be expanded throughout the world. Iran is the starting point, the ultimate destination and pattern for all the oppressed nations in all parts of the world; Muslims should rise up, even the oppressed should rise up. God’s promise embodies the oppressed and He says He would grant his mercy to them to make them leaders and inheritors in the world. Leadership is the right of the oppressed. Inheritance is the right of the oppressed. The oppressors are usurpers. The oppressors should be expelled from the scene.16

4. The oppressed are not confined to the Muslim or the Third World nations but are the masses that live under tyranny and imperialism throughout the world, whether under Eastern or Western oppressors. Therefore, neither geographical and cultural factors nor nation-state classifications could be considered as demarcations between the oppressed and the oppressors. Therefore, the theory of the Clash of Civilizations or clash of cultures or even world polarization merely serve to perpetuate the present system of hegemony over the oppressed, or competition and contradiction among the oppressed in distributing resources and colonizing and oppressing different societies and nations of the world.

You should know that people (of the world) even those nations who are not Divine, are all part of the oppressed of the world who have always remained under the domination of the oppressors.17

Both the superpowers are prepared to destroy the oppressed nations and we should support the world oppressed; Islam makes no difference between Muslim or non-Muslim countries and is a supporter of all the oppressed in the world.18

  • 5. Contrary to former systems, which had been formed on the basis of secularist and humanistic thoughts and were promoting enjoyment, pleasure and consumerism as patterns for a satisfactory life, this system is based on a return to religion and the sovereignty of God, and considers a prosperous life to be one devoted to further commitment to establishing justice, piety, ethical rule and spiritual and divine beliefs, thus negating the whimsical and wealth-plundering culture practiced by the oppressors.
  • 6. Muslims in general and the Muslim people of Iran in particular, who have been able to triumph over oppression for the first time, thanks to the life-giving and educating philosophy of Islam, have been bestowed with the role of guiding this immense world, and bringing about the rise and expansion of the Islamic Revolution in line with the world struggle against oppression and support for the oppressed.

God willing, with the expansion of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, diabolic powers would be driven to isolation and the rule of the oppressed would prepare the ground for the world sovereignty of Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance), the last of all.19

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