The Product Managers Toolkit: Methodologies, Processes, and Tasks in Technology Product Management

I Product Management ConceptsDefinition of Product Management. Defining the Product Management Domain and the TM Foundations of the Blackblot PMTK MethodologyIntroductionUser and BuyerCore DisciplinesConcept of Product ManagementProblem Space and Solution SpaceBlackblot PMTK Methodology™ Foundation RulesAdjusted for RealitySummaryProduct Delivery Strategies. Examination of Common Product Delivery StrategiesIntroductionTechnology-Driven: Take My RoadSales-Driven: A Cruising TaxiMarket-Driven: Driven to SuccessSummaryProduct Management Team. Formalizing and Structuring the Responsibilities and Make-up of the Product Management TeamIntroductionYour RoleJack of All Roles, Master of NoneBreaking It DownRoles and GoalsBlackblot Product Management Team ModelOdd Couple(s)Roles and ActivitiesRole Coupling GuidelinesOrganizational SolutionSummaryProduct Definition Team. Establishing a Market-Driven Product Definition Process and Team to MatchIntroductionKey ConceptsMarket RequirementsBlackblot Product Frames ModelProduct Definition Foundation DocumentsBlackblot Product Definition Team ModelProduct Delivery ProcessSummaryCrafting Market Requirements. Methodology to Identify and Articulate Market RequirementsIntroductionVoice Of the CustomerMarket Requirements DocumentBlackblot Procedural Requirements Management ModelDirectiveConstraintsRationales and SourcesPresentment ModesComplete StructureVerifying WholenessMarket Requirements and EngineeringMarket Requirements DatabaseSummaryConcept of Marketing. Insight into the Concept, Structure, and Elements of the Marketing DomainIntroductionBusiness DomainsMarketing DomainMarketing Domain DisciplinesBlackblot Marketing ModelProduct Marketing MethodsCorporate Marketing MethodsMarketing Communications MethodsCorporate Organizational StructuresMarketing and StrategiesMarketing and PlansSummaryValue-Marketing Model. Presenting the Value Marketing Method and Marketing Messages ModelIntroductionValue ConceptValue Formula ScaleValue Concept ApplicationInternal Value Marketing DynamicsExternal Value Marketing DynamicsCreating Superior Perceived ValueProduct Marketing MessagesValue Messages’ Foundational KnowledgePMTK Market Messaging ModelPMTK Marketing Messages Model and PlanSummaryExtending Product Life Cycle Stages. Exploring the Product Life Cycle Model and Ways to Extend the Life of a ProductIntroductionProduct Life Cycle Model AssumptionsProduct Life Cycle Model StagesReasons for Extending the PLCStrategies for Extending the PLCProduct Planning Strategies for Extending the PLCProduct Marketing Strategies for Extending the PLCStrategy Application Within the PLC ModelLimitations of the PLC ModelBenefits of the PLC ModelSummaryII Product Management EditorialsDefining Product ManagementOutbound and Inbound Activities in Product ManagementIntroductionOutbound and Inbound ActivitiesSummaryProduct Management Organizational PlacementIntroductionHistory of PlacementSummaryProduct Marketing Organizational PlacementIntroductionOrganizational Placement ConsiderationsSummaryThe Fallacy of GeneralizingIntroductionProduct Manager TitleCEO of the ProductSummaryMisconceptions About Product ManagementIntroductionA Flurry of InterpretationsSummaryPracticing Product ManagementMaturity Model for Product ManagementIntroductionCapability Maturity Model (CMM)SummaryThe Necessity of Product Management at StartupsIntroductionProduct Management at StartupsSummaryA Primer to Market SegmentationIntroductionTheory of Market SegmentationPerforming Market SegmentationSummaryThe Connection Between Market-Driven Product Management and Marketplace SuccessIntroductionRoots in TraditionEvolution of Technology CompaniesCrossing the Revenue ChasmSummaryAn Algorithmic Model for Product Feature PrioritizationIntroductionProduct FeaturesProduct Feature Selection ProcessPrioritization via an Algorithmic ModelSummaryThe Importance of Having a Product Management MethodologyIntroductionDefining MethodologyIdentifying a Sound MethodologyThe Importance of Having a Product Management MethodologySummaryProgrammatic Tools for Product ManagementIntroductionProgrammatic ToolsSummaryProduct Management CareerMastering the Product Management InterviewIntroductionProduct Management as the Talent PoolJob Interview ConceptDomain Expertise and Functional ExpertiseModern Product Management InterviewModern Product Management Interview QuestionsSummaryTransitioning From a Technical Role to a Job in Product ManagementIntroductionThe Technical RoleKnowing the ObjectiveSummaryProduct Management Training: An Overview and Is It Worth It?IntroductionReasons for TrainingTraining Subject MatterVendor OfferingTraining ExperienceCurriculum CustomizationSelf-StudySummaryProduct Management Certifications: A Bit of History and Are They Worth It?IntroductionEarly Market DynamicsPast Lessons LearnedBeing Certified has Some ValueSummaryThe Future of Product Management is in a MovementIntroductionOrderly WaysLag in Product ManagementGeneralization and TrivializationQuest for a Popular MovementSummaryAgile Software DevelopmentThe Need for a New Breed of AgileIntroductionA Brief Background to AgileWhat Agile Is, What Agile Is NotScrum Software DevelopmentIt All Starts with Something Called the Product BacklogThe Three Roles in ScrumThe Product Owner Role in ScrumShaping the Future of Agile MethodsSummaryThe McDonaldization of the Development TeamIntroductionThe Industrial RevolutionThe McDonald WayThe Scrum Development TeamSummaryOrigins of the Product Manager vs Product Owner DilemmaIntroductionBusiness Motivation for Faster DeliveryTiming Is Everything, the Agile ManifestoThe Rise of ScrumThe Impact on Product ManagementThe Impact on Software CompaniesSummaryAncillary to Product ManagementProduct Management to Product Development RatioIntroductionEstimation and FactorsSummaryThe Defining Role of the Product ArchitectIntroductionBackgroundGap in Product DeliveryTypes of ArchitectsProduct Architect Role DescriptionProduct Architect Skill SetProduct Architect Role Overview TableSummaryProgram Manager Is the Product CEOIntroductionLockheed U-2 AircraftMicrosoft at a CrossroadsFlurry of CombinationsSummaryThe User experience (UX) DomainIntroductionFundamental ConceptsUser Experience RolesUX vs UI and UsabilityUser Experience PlacementUser Experience and Blackblot PMTK Methodology™SummaryIII Product Manager’s Toolkit (PMTK) тм Blackblot PMTK Methodology Product Management GlossaryBlackblot PMTK Methodology™ GlossaryBlackblot PMTK Methodology Roles. Description of the Roles Contained within the Blackblot Product Manager’s Toolkit (PMTK) MethodologyIntroductionKey DefinitionsTypes of ExpertiseEducation and MindsetProduct Planner Role DescriptionProduct Planner Role Skill SetProduct Planner Role Overview TableProduct Marketer Role DescriptionProduct Marketer Role Skill SetProduct Marketer Role Overview TableProduct Architect Role Skill SetProduct Architect Role Overview TableSales Engineer Role Skill SetSales Engineer Role Overview TableMarCom Manager Role Skill SetMarCom Manager Role Overview TableDirector of Products Role DescriptionDirector of Products Role Skill SetDirector of Products Role Overview TableBlackblot PMTK Methodology Models. Description of the Models Contained within the Blackblot Product Manager’s Toolkit® (PMTK) MethodologyPMTK Core ModelsPMTK Support ModelsPMTK Concept ModelsPMTK Core ModelsPMTK Action ModelPMTK Flow ModelPMTK Task ModelPMTK Task Model DescriptionPMTK Support ModelsPMTK Action-Team ModelPMTK MVP ModelPMTK Market-Value Pricing Model DescriptionPMTK PRM ModelBlackblot Procedural Requirements Management Model DescriptionPMTK Problem Echelon ModelPMTK Problem Echelon Model DescriptionPMTK Product Tree ModelPMTK Product Tree Model DescriptionPMTK Product Tree Model RelationshipsPMTK Concept ModelsBlackblot Product Management Team ModelBlackblot Product Management Team Model DescriptionBlackblot Product Definition Team ModelBlackblot Product Definition Team Model DescriptionBlackblot Product Frames ModelBlackblot Product Frames Model DescriptionBlackblot Marketing ModelBlackblot Marketing Model Description
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