Concept of Marketing. Insight into the Concept, Structure, and Elements of the Marketing Domain


Marketing is an instructive business domain that serves to inform and educate target markets about the value and competitive advantage of a company and its products. The goal of marketing is to build and maintain a preference for a company and its products within the target markets.

Volumes have been written about the marketing domain and what it entails, but little has been noted about how it is ordered and organized. Bringing the needed clarity to the essence of the marketing domain, the Blackblot Marketing Model maps the marketing activities within the marketing domain, presents the division and location of departments identified with the marketing domain in the corporate organizational hierarchy, and describes the types of strategies and plans related to the marketing domain.

This chapter provides insight into the concept, structure, and elements of the marketing domain from the Blackblot perspective as defined in the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™.

Business Domains

A Domain is a sphere of knowledge. In the context of doing business, a Business Domain is considered to be a fundamental corporate activity and essential to the company’s ability to function or exist.

Business domains include business-related functions such as executive management, operations, engineering, manufacturing, product management, and marketing. Business domains themselves are vast, layered, and made of different elements. All the business domain elements are based on a common collection of knowledge areas and processes.

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Table 7.1 Blackblot Marketing Model—Business Domain Concept Definitions (Summary Table)



Business Domain

Fundamental corporate activity that is based on a sphere of knowledge


Knowledge area or activity that is governed by processes


Plan or course of action


Particular form or way of achieving goals


Procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task

A business domain is comprised of a specific set of Disciplines, which are knowledge areas or activities that are governed by processes. Each discipline is accomplished using Methods, which are a set of plans and organized actions that are achieved via the execution of modes. A Mode is a particular way that the method gets applied or acted on, via the use of techniques. A Technique is a procedure that is used to accomplish a specific activity or task.

The layers of a business domain are organized and sequenced in the following hierarchical manner:

Business Domain > Disciplines > Methods > Modes > Techniques

Table 7.1 summarizes the business domain concept definitions.

Most companies implement the elements in the business domain by using a conjoint approach. Without attesting to its merit, a characterization of this very commonplace implementation is as follows:

  • 1. Within a particular domain, the majority or virtually all disciplines are constantly being executed.
  • 2. Within each discipline, several methods are used concurrently with one particular method being the dominant one.
  • 3. Within each method, several modes are used alternately.
  • 4. Within each mode, a multitude of techniques are used concurrently or alternately.

By using the business domain concept it is possible to explain the internal structure and relationships of the marketing domain.

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