Product Marketer Role Description

This section describes the Product Marketer role. The product marketer has functional expertise in the discipline of product marketing. Product Marketing is a discipline that is focused on outbound activities aimed at generating product awareness, differentiation, and demand.

The product marketer is a strategic role that is owned by a marketing expert who analyzes product-oriented market opportunities, formulates plans that evaluate those market opportunities, and then creates plans that guide the subsequent marketing efforts.

From a deliverables perspective, the product marketer drives the making of the product business case, and following approval writes the market plan. Other supporting documents that might be prepared include product positioning, competitor analysis, and value documents. The product marketer also assists and guides with the formulation of a product launch plan, provides content and selection to marketing collateral, and provides content to product press releases.

The product marketer is focused on enhancing the company’s competency in using marketing tools and executing techniques, processes, and tasks that aim to generate awareness, differentiation, and demand for the product.

The prime goal of the product marketer role is to have a satisfied sales force. The market environment, as created by the actions of the product marketer, leads to a very favorable situation where the market buys the product as opposed to the salespeople actively selling the product. Accordingly, the marketing actions initiated by the product marketer contribute to shorter sales cycles and higher sales revenue over a period of time.

The product marketer must be able to communicate well with both external and internal organizations. External to the company, the product marketer communicates and works with various vendors that provide the company with marketing tools and services. Internally, the product marketer communicates and works with organizational functions such as sales, MarCom, and corporate marketing.