Leadership Integration Plan Template

The Leadership Integration Plan Template below can help the IT project leader inject leadership monitoring and assessments into the IT project management life cycle. Senior leaders and organizational governance boards can use this template to hold IT project leaders accountable for planning and implementing leadership initiatives within their projects.

Leadership Integration Plan Template





  • • State the leadership policy of the organization. If the organization does not have a leadership policy, establish one for your project or program.
  • Example: All project managers and team leads will make every effort to practice transformational leadership (see Chapter 2).



  • • Briefly describe the leadership standard mandated in the leadership policy.
  • Example: The transformational leadership model requires the leader to identify the needed change, create a vision to guide the team and the organization through the change with inspiration, and execute the change with the commitment of members of the group (see Chapter 2).



  • • Develop a Team Charter as described in Chapter 5.
  • • Include the Charter as a section in this plan or create a separate Team Charter document and reference it in this plan.



  • • Identify leadership training requirements for the IT project leader and the team leads.
  • • Determine what training will be provided, who will receive the training, when the training will take place, and the cost of the training.
  • • Include the training schedule and costs in the project schedule and budget.



  • Leadership Self-Assessments: Develop a Leadership Self-Assessment tool that assesses compliance with this plan (see Chapter 2). This activity should also include an assessment of the team’s compliance with the Team Charter. Schedule time for leadership self-assessments in the project schedule.
  • Senior Leadership Assessment: Coordinate with senior leadership to develop an assessment process. This activity includes an assessment of both the IT project leader’s compliance with this plan and the team’s compliance with the Team Charter. Document the process in this plan. Schedule time for senior leadership assessments in the project schedule.
  • Leadership Audits: If required and supported by senior management, develop and describe a process for a thirdparty entity to perform a leadership audit.




• Describe the process for developing, reviewing, communicating, implementing, and archiving leadership lessons learned for the IT project leader, team leaders, and team members.





• Describe the process for developing, reviewing, communicating, and implementing a leadership performance improvement plan in accordance with the lessons learned analysis.

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