Psychiatrists in Combat: Mental Health Clinicians Experiences in the War Zone

The Road to Iraq The BeginningHitting the RoadKuwaitCamp New YorkConvoy into IraqIraqA Few More Convoy AdventuresLatrine IssuesBoosting MoraleConclusionSomeone Always Has It Worse: The Convoy to BaladPsychiatrists in Combat: From the Deckplates to DivisionWhy Did I Join The Military?Preparation for GreensideReporting as Division SurgeonPredeploymentInto TheaterCrossing the Line of DepartureImprovise, Adapt, OvercomeRestoration OperationsLeaving TheaterReturn and ReunionClinical PearlsLessons LearnedReflectionsOccupational Therapists Share Deployment Experiences from Iraq and AfghanistanWhat Is Occupational Therapy?Brief History of Occupational Therapy in Military PopulationsChallenges Facing Deployed Occupational TherapistsPersonal ExperiencesLeaving for the WarzoneDangers of the Warzone and Its Unique StressorsBurnoutDifferent Missions/Goals Deployed Occupational Therapists FaceExpanded Roles of the Occupational Therapist While DeployedReintegration into the Civilian CommunityFinal WordsReferencesThe Most Efficient Marine The Purposeful Doctor Rules of LeadershipDeployment: Cold to HotMeeting the Patients Where They Are atReintegrationDestinyThe Iraqi Heart of Darkness: A Visit to Abu GhraibThe Two Sides of Modern-Day American Combat: From Camp Austerity to Camp Chocolate CakePreludeDeployment 1: Camp AusterityAn InterludeDeployment 2: Camp Chocolate CakeZero to Sixty: From Residency to the War ZoneLesson 1: Establish Rapport and Respect by Showing You Are a Soldier and Willing to Accept RiskLesson 2: Don't Limit Yourself to A ClinicLesson 3: Be Prudent in Your Risk TakingLesson 4: We Must Be Held to a Higher StandardConclusionReferencesResearch at the Tip of the Spear The Value of Research in Making Good Policy and Program DecisionsConducting Your Wartime Mission in PeacetimeDying for a Data PointCourage, Research and LeadershipThe Failure to Learn from Lessons LearnedFrom Battalion Surgeon to Combat Psychiatrist: Three Tours in Iraq and AfghanistanBefore PsychiatryWhen a Residency Feels Like a Chance to Catch My BreathA Return to War"Oh, The Things You Can Find " Chronicles from the Cradle of Civilization Green Clovers and Purple HorseshoesAloha from Iraq: Wish You Were Here!Move Over PicassoWasting Away in Mortar-Rita VilleSometimes a Cigar Is Just a CigarWhose Your Baghdaddy?End of the RoadTo Squander the Fighting Strength? Personal Experiences with Preventive Psychiatry and the Dilemma of Wartime Public Mental HealthPreventive MedicineThe Dilemma of Wartime Public Mental HealthConclusionsReferencesLearning to Scale the Wall Shrink in the Making: Learning to Become a Psychiatrist from the War WoundedOvercoming StigmasFirst Contact with Psychiatry Throuth Private First Class SmithPsychiatry's impact on Military MissionsResidency Training at Walter ReedCompleting the CircleReferencesAfter the Smoke Clears August 7, 2012Situational ContextSubsequent EventsAfter the Smoke ClearedHome Sweet HomeConcluding RemarksReferencesThe French Fourragere: Gore and Lore Leaving Our Mark September 2014 to January 2015Last of the OSCAR Psychologists 21 in Afghanistan: An Expeditionary Model of CareOut of Residency and into the Field: Reflections of a Junior Psychoanalytic Psychiatrist on a Iraq DeploymentMobilization: A Pre-deployment IntroductionExamples of Cases TreatedA Psychoanalytic Perspective During DeploymentUncharted Medical-Legal IssuesLocked and Loaded: Safety Issues for a Deployed PsychiatristCombat Stress Control: Prevention Downrange, as Preparation for GarrisonFinal ReflectionsSuggested Reading
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