Frontiers in Spray Drying

PrefaceAuthorsWhat is Spray Drying?Chronological Development of the Process and Its MilestonesMotivation and Layout of the BookDroplet Drying FundamentalsThe Formation of Individual Particles during Spray DryingThe Drying Kinetics of Droplets during Spray DryingThe Reaction Engineering Approach (REA) for Modeling Droplet Drying BehaviorTheoretical FrameworkApplication of the REA to Describe Droplet Drying KineticsCharacteristic Drying Curve ModelsTheoretical FrameworkCompilation of Falling Rate CurvesPrediction of Surface Component Composition, Migration, and PackingThe Need for a Multiscale Model for Surface Composition PredictionKey Ideas and Calculation ProcedureThe Capabilities and Limitations of the MethodSpray Dryer Designs Including MultistageCo-Current versus Counter-CurrentMultistage Drying Process and Fines ReturnAtomizationSelection and Balance between Viscosity and ConcentrationWhat Is the Initial Droplet Size Distribution?Mass and Energy Aspects of Spray DryingZero Dimension Modeling of Spray DryersEquilibrium Outlet Moisture-Based ModelEffective Rate Approach (ERA)One-Dimensional ModelsCo-Current ModelCounter-Current ModelComputational Fluid Dynamic Models of Spray DryersComponents of a CFD Model of Spray DryersThe Trouble with Transient SimulationsBridging the Gap between Spray Dryer Modeling and OperationModeling StickinessWhy Model Stickiness?Different Models and Their ComparisonMeasuring Stickiness Properties and Their ChallengesModeling AgglomerationWhy Model Agglomeration?Rigorous Particulate Agglomeration ApproachEquivalent Fused Particle ApproachAgglomeration Mapping ApproachMonodisperse Droplet Spray DryingWhy Is This Concept Important?Development of the Monodisperse Droplet Spray DryerExperimental Development over the YearsRecent Computational DevelopmentsMonodisperse Spray Drying Chamber and Operation DesignExploration of a Dryer with Swirling FlowExploration of a Dryer with Moving AtomizerScale-Up of Monodisperse Droplet Spray DryerAdvanced Applications of Spray DryingSuperheated Steam Spray DryingImproving the Wettability of Dairy PowderA Medium for In-Situ Crystallization ControlImportant Technical Considerations When Using Superheated SteamControlling In-Situ Crystallization in Spray DryersStrategies for Materials That Are Slow to CrystallizeStrategies for Materials That Are Fast to CrystallizeAntisolvent Vapor Precipitation Spray DryingUnique Early Findings and ApplicationsChallenges and Latest DevelopmentsIndex
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