Advanced Problem Solving Using Maple™:Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Business Analytics,

Problem SolvingIntroduction to MapleThe Structure of MapleGeneral Introduction to MapleMaple TrainingMaple Applications CenterDiscrete Dynamical ModelsIntroductionModeling with Dynamical Systems2Linear SystemsEquilibrium Values and Long-Term BehaviorA Graphical Approach to Equilibrium ValuesModeling Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical SystemsSystems of Discrete Dynamical SystemsCase Studies: Predator–Prey Model, SIR Model, and Military ModelsProblem Solving with Single-Variable OptimizationSingle-Variable Unconstrained OptimizationNumerical Search Techniques with MapleProblem Solving with Multivariable Constrained and Unconstrained OptimizationUnconstrained Optimization: TheoryUnconstrained Optimization: ExamplesUnconstrained Optimization: Numerical MethodsConstrained Optimization: The Method of Lagrange MultipliersConstrained Optimization: Kuhn-Tucker ConditionsProblem Solving with Linear Systems of Equations Using Linear Algebra TechniquesIntroductionIntroduction to Systems of EquationsModels with Unique Solutions Using Systems of Linear EquationsStoichiometric Chemical Balancing and Infinitely Many SolutionsReview of Regression Models and Advanced Regression ModelsRe-Introduction to RegressionModeling, Correlation, and RegressionLinear, Nonlinear, and Multiple RegressionAdvanced Regression Techniques with ExamplesConclusions and SummaryProblem Solving with Game TheoryIntroductionBackground of Game TheoryExamples of Zero-Sum GamesExamples of Partial Conflict GamesConclusionIntroductionData Envelopment AnalysisSimple Additive WeightingAnalytical Hierarchy ProcessTechnique of Order Preference by Similarity to the Ideal SolutionMethods of Choosing WeightsIndex
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