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A short course of lectures
«Introduction to health care services»

THREE. CHALLENGES IN HEALTH CARE DELIVERYHealth Levels and OutcomesFall Rates and Best Practices in Fall ReductionAreas of Future ConcernPrimary Care ManagementHistory of Health InsuranceManagement of HospitalsThe Dark YearsQuality and Safety in HospitalsTHE PURSUIT OF QUALITY CAREManaged Care and Prevention of DiseaseAN OVERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE DELIVERY IN THE UNITED STATESTHE CHRONIC DISEASE EPIDEMICAllied Health Rehabilitation ProfessionalsHome Health Care ServicesLEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS TO HEALTH CARE PROBLEMSTypes of Preventable Harm in HospitalsIOM Report on the Quality ChasmMental Health Care ProvidersCASE STUDY 4. THE VA REINVENTS ITSELFPUBLIC HEALTH SERVICESPopulation-Based HealthMajor Challenges Facing Health Care DeliveryHistory of Long-Term CareReasons for the Expansion of Ambulatory CareONE. OVERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE SERVICE DELIVERYCASE STUDY 3. FALL REDUCTION AT GEISINGER WYOMING VALLEY MEDICAL CENTERHistory of Clinical Services and Community Prevention IntegrationTypes of Mental IllnessesMental Health ParityReimbursement for Health Care ProvidersHospice ServicesLeadership Education at the Guthrie ClinicThe Journey to Uphold the OathPublic Health LeadershipOrganization of Long-Term CareIOM Report on Medical ErrorsHealth Care ReformEmployment Trends in the Health Care SectorChallenges for Long-Term Care in the FutureINTEGRATING CLINICAL SERVICES AND COMMUNITY PREVENTIONHEALTH INSURANCE AND PAYMENT FOR HEALTH CARE SERVICESWhy Health Insurance Is Such a Huge Problem in the United StatesCosts of Chronic DiseasesMagnet Recognition ProgramHow Health Insurance Markets WorkCreative Destruction of Health InsuranceElements of the Community-Centered Health HomeHistory of Public HealthOverarching Systems Change RecommendationsManaged Care Utilization ControlChanging the Health Care EnvironmentHealth Care AccessHealth Insurance ProvidersPsychotic DisordersPayment for Long-Term Care ServicesHospital-Based Ambulatory CareHistory of Ambulatory Care ServicesDeterminants of HealthACKNOWLEDGMENTSPutting Veterans' Health FirstPrimary Care Physicians and Primary Care AssistantsLONG-TERM CAREBasics of U.S. Health InsuranceHealth Care-Associated InfectionsHistory of HospitalsNursesChronic Disease Prevention and Behavioral ChangesRadiologic and Imaging ProfessionalsReengineering the Health Care SectorConcepts of Managed Health CareHOSPITALSCollaboration in Health CareEpidemiology and Public HealthUsing a PSA Program to Increase Awareness of Developmental IssuesGeisinger Health System and Geisinger Wyoming ValleyStructure of Public Health DepartmentsDentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental AssistantsPROVIDERS OF HEALTH CARE SERVICESThe Role of StressThe Beginning of ChangeHow to Meet These ChallengesQuality Improvement StrategiesMENTAL HEALTH CAREMental Health Care ProvidersFuture of Public HealthABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSTypes of Managed Care PlansAMBULATORY CARE SERVICESConsequences of Forty Years of Health Care Cost EscalationTWO. THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN HEALTH CARE SERVICESComparative Effectiveness ResearchHealth Care Reform Beyond the ACAMANAGED CARENon-Hospital-Based Ambulatory CareTHE FORCES OF CHANGE IN HEALTH CAREHealth Care QualityChronic Diseases and Their ComplicationsHistory of Managed Health CareGeisinger Quality InstituteQuality Assurance in Ambulatory CareUnderstanding Power in the Health Care SectorCASE STUDY 2. USING MARKETING TOOLS TO INCREASE EARLY REFERRALS OF CHILDREN WITH DEVELOPMENTAL AND BEHAVIORAL DISORDERSChronic Diseases and Their ComplicationsMedical ErrorsFuture of Managed Health CareChallenges and the FutureThe VA Answer for EveryoneHistory of Mental HealthCASE STUDY 1. INNOVATION IN PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIPHealth Care CostsA LOOK INTO THE FUTUREABOUT THE AUTHORSHow Leaders Can Meet These ChallengesOrigins of the Quality MovementCore Functions of Public HealthNonpsychotic DisordersEDUCATIONManaged Care Quality IssuesApplying Business and Other Models to Chronic Disease PreventionSpecialty Care Providers
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