Robots, Drones, UAVs and UGVs for Operation and Maintenance

Autonomous VehiclesIndustrial AssetsInspection of Industrial AssetsMaintenance of Industrial AssetsReferencesDevelopment of Autonomous VehiclesHistory of Development of Autonomous RobotsDynamics and Machine ArchitecturesRobots and Machine IntelligenceProgramming Autonomous RobotsAdaptive Algorithms and Their UseReferencesAutonomous Inspection for Industrial AssetsAutonomous Vehicle Inspection PlatformInspection Communications and Transport SecurityObstacle AvoidanceInspection Modes and ContentInspection MethodsReferencesSensors for Autonomous Vehicles in Infrastructure Inspection ApplicationsSensors and Sensing StrategiesSensor Types: IntroductionSensors for Military MissionsSensor-Based Localization and MappingSensor Fusion, Sensor Platforms, and Global Positioning SystemReferencesData Acquisition and Intelligent DiagnosisData Acquisition Principle and Process for Laser Scanning, Visual Imaging, Infrared Imaging, UV ImagingCloud Data Post-Processing TechnologyCloud Data Intelligent DiagnosisReferencesThree-Dimensional VisualizationOverviewLine Security Diagnosis for Multisource Data FusionThree-Dimensional Visualization ApplicationsReferencesCommunicationsCommunication MethodsRadio CommunicationMid-Air Collision (MAC) AvoidanceCommunications Data Rate and Bandwidth UsageAntenna TypesTracking with Multiple Autonomous VehiclesReferencesAutonomous Vehicles for Infrastructure Inspection ApplicationsPower Line InspectionBuilding MonitoringRailway Infrastructure InspectionWaterways and Other InfrastructuresReferencesFailure Detection Application in Autonomous VehiclesRepeated Inspections and Failure IdentificationAutonomous Vehicle Emergency Inspection ApplicationsAutonomous Vehicle Navigation SecurityReferencesAutonomous Inspection and Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence InfiltrationArtificial Intelligence Techniques Used in AVsArtificial Intelligence Approaches for Inspection and MaintenanceCurrent Developments of AVs with AIReferencesBig Data Analytics for AV Inspection and MaintenanceBig Data Analytics and Cyber-Physical SystemsBig Data Analytics in Inspection and MaintenanceIntegration of Big Data Analytics in AV Inspection and MaintenanceUtilization of AVs in Industry 4.0 EnvironmentReferences
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