Artificial Intelligence in the Clothing Industry

A.N.N. is an A.I. model which is widely used in the garment industry in the following fields:

i) Mechanical properties prediction

ii) Grading and classification

iii) Fault analysis and identification

iv) Controlling the processes and monitoring

v) Supply chain management.

Impact of A.I. on Some Other Industries

i) Transportation. With the help of A.I. software, vehicles can park themselves, use adaptive control on long roads, control themselves at traffic signals, convey signals to drivers about obstacles and blind objects during lane changes, etc.

ii) Robotics (home-based). Earlier robots used in homes were mostly for cleaning purposes, but after the introduction of sensor-based perceptions, machine learning, physical movement improvements and advancement in speech recognition helps with the use of robots in wider applications.

iii) Entertainment. Generation of 3D scenes in movies, music and stage performances, etc.

iv) Public safety. Smart watches are the best example of how A.I. is used for safety purposes by sending the exact location of where we are. Drones for surveillance, high security cameras and A.I. can also help in protection from financial fraud, cybersecurity, credit card fraud, etc.

v) Healthcare. The medical field uses A.I. mostly and is helping in many ways to improve health and providing quality to millions. Robots are nowadays used to assist surgeons in the operating theatre. The da Vinci robot (surgical) has been used more than half a million times for operations.

vi) Machine translation technology. Through this technology, one natural language is converted into another natural language with the help of computer technology e.g., Google Translate.

vii) Speech recognition. Speech recognition is one of the advanced uses of A.I. through which speech signals are transferred into corresponding text through a process of interactive human-machine communications, and there are many more sectors around which A.I. is successfully used.

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