Future Scope of Machine Learning

The scope of artificial intelligence and machine learning are very wide and open. There are a lot of challenges and scope for improvement. Some of them are discussed below.

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning can have a significant impact on the drug discovery process. Machine learning can help in finding out the effects of various compositions of drugs on humans. It can be used for reductions in cycle times, costs and labour during research. The use of machine learning techniques in radiology is still evolving. Previous statistics showed that the results of the machine learning system were comparable with those of the radiologists, but the accuracy of the technique can still be improved.

Improvements can be done in the field of personalised healthcare. Using massive data analysis and machine learning, more accurate diagnoses, custom treatments and clinical care plans could be done using some wearable technologies.

Machine learning techniques can also be used to remove language barriers among different people in the world by making systems that can translate every language effectively. Work is already being done in this field but there is much scope for improvement [30].

There is scope for improvement in preventing cybercrime by increasing the level of security over the internet. Work has already been done in this field, but the level of crime still needs to be decreased. This can be done by making a stronger algorithm that can detect fraudulent activities more accurately.

Innovations in machine learning can turn out to be imperative to the agricultural machine vision system. Machine learning technology can be used for detection of weeds, plant diseases and stress detection, yield forecasting, plant water content assurance and soil analysis. Improvements in field operations and monitoring can also be done using machine learning.

Development of self-driving cars, an application of machine learning is still a challenge. Uber and Google are already making a lot of effort in this field, but lots of improvement is needed to be done to ensure the safety of the passengers and public [30].

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