Political coordination as a support for global cultural order

As mentioned above, the biggest problem of today’s world order lies in the inability of the cultural order to adapt to the changes in the economic and political order. The construction of the world's cultural order in the new era represents an unprecedented exploration of human beings, demonstrating a process of political, economic, and cultural integration across various civilizations. That is to say, only by establishing a cultural order based on multiple civilizations can we meet the requirements of economic globalization and political coordination. Here we use the term "political coordination” rather than "political globalization”, mainly pondering differences between various countries in their understanding of global economic and political development. To be more specific, economic globalization has been widely accepted as a mainstream development trend, which has brought profound changes to the economy of contemporary countries. In general, economic globalization has promoted the progress and well-being of human society, whereas the globalization of politics remains far behind. Nowadays, the Cold War's aftermath has not wholly disappeared, and the world is still filled with different political systems. However, these political systems never seek to conquer or assimilate each other. Instead, countries with different social systems have realized development in various degrees, which provides an impetus to their economic growth and adapts to the process of economic globalization. Nevertheless, we could also find certain preconditions for political coordination worldwide. For instance, all countries, to some extent, have reached a consensus on basic structures and principles of the nation-state system, adhering to the international law, admitting the authority and role of the United Nations, responding to common issues such as fascism, racism, crimes against humanity, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and climate change. In general, international society has realized the critical importance of strengthening coordination and international cooperation among major powers, and political coordination, therefore, becomes the global consensus and action to achieve this goal.

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