Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security studies

Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies is an independent think tank established in 2009. It has a specialized centre named the Bangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (BCTR). The institute is based in Dhaka, and it has 20 staff. Its key areas of expertise arc CT research, PCVE research, and strategic forecasting. BIPSS’ research on PCVE is published in its platforms which include BIPSS Commentary, BIPSS Journal, BIPSS Special Report, Issue Brief, Monograph, BIPSS Conference Report, BIPSS Focus, and BIPSS Faculty publications. BIPSS organizes workshops, conferences, roundtables, forums, surveys, and KIIs.

Among the key PCVE projects undertaken by BIPSS arc the National Workshop on Countering Violent Extremism; the National Conference on Prevention of Violent Extremism from a Gender Perspective; the Expert Meeting on Countering Violent Extremism; the Regional Capacity Building Workshop on Counter Terrorism; research projects and publications on Youth Radicalisation; the Conference on Female Radicalisation; and the Conference on Counter Terrorism Strategy for South Asia.4

Move Foundation

The Move Foundation is a youth-led non-profit organization formed by a group of young professionals and students in 2013. The Foundation, which is based in Dhaka, has 18 staff. In addition, it has volunteers, who are known as movers. The Move Foundation is involved in P/CVE advocacy, youth engagement, and election monitoring. The Foundation conducts civic education classes, capacity-building workshops, digital media engagement, and thematic research. The target audience is mainly Qawmi and Alia Madrasa teachers and students, Islamic political leaders, religious clerics, minority' leaders, college and university' students, Imams, small traders including females, and community' leaders. The Move Foundation’s key partners are: local law enforcement agencies, the Centre for Peace & Justice, BRAC University, the Stop Violence Coalition (SVC), Madrasa Boards, the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and the Islamic Foundation. The organization’s key donors arc the German Federal Foreign Office, Global Affairs Canada, and the US Embassy' Dhaka.

|Among the key projects undertaken are the youth deradicalization programme titled ‘Tolerance, Respect and Peace’ (2018-2020); Peer 2 Peer: Global Digital Extremism Challenge (2016 and 2017); Piloting of Tolerance, Respect, and Peace (2015-16). “Supporting Tolerant, Inclusive and Peacefill Communities in Bangladesh - Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) Initiative”, 2015-2016; And “Misinformation Management Workshops Series”, 2018.5

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