Critical Themes in Drama: Social, Cultural and Political Analysis

I: Framing the drama of these timesIntroduction to the drama of these timesMusings on ‘these times’So, what is the drama of these times?The structure of the bookA critical stanceCore and recurrent ideas in this bookA hopeful bookEnduring inequityReleasing or entrenching the ‘other’Recognition and representation – who gains what?AgencyVoice and testimonyHope and possibilityUseful drama in neoliberal timesWhat is neoliberalism?The decline of grand narratives: why a focus on individuals mattersHow do neoliberalism and drama interact in these times?Drama and governmentalityConclusionDramatic democracyThe normality of democracyThe link between drama and democracyExplicit and reflexive spaces for engaging the democratic paradoxDramatic democracy in actionActing and participating as a citizen: possibilities and problemsConclusionCreativity and the global education reform movementThe problem with this solution to the perceived education ‘problem’Creativity: syllabus and policy discoursesCurriculum and dramaDrama pedagogy across the curriculumII: Examining the drama of these timesGlocalisation: mythologising place and communityGlobal, local, glocalContext: glocalisation and agencyMythmaking place and ideologies of homeImagined communitiesMigration – dramatic comings and goingsMigration, nation and identityMigrationExploring migration through drama: imagining differenceDrama for migrantsPortraying and representing migration in drama: telling storiesConclusionThe theatre of battleDrama that heals the wounded of warThis chapterThe drama of resistanceDrama that incites warThe performance of war and terrorDrama that intervenes and disrupts warDrama that remembers and commemorates warThe drama of dealing with peaceConclusionThe drama of sex and sexualityThe public performance of sex and sexuality: celebration and identitySex, performance and politicsDrama about sex: pedagogy and efficacyConclusionThe health and happiness project: being ‘well’ in these timesHealthy drama in these timesChallenges in evaluation and funding of drama and health projectsThe complex reality of practice in drama and healthContradictions and complexitiesIII: Preparing for drama of future timesClimate change – a battle for our hearts and mindsThe environment, climate change and dramaThe role of drama and art in climate changeThe public and private performance of environmentalismThe role of storying in our caring and aware-ing about the environmentCommunity and collective responsibilityEmbodied environmentalism in dramaConclusionsDigital+ destiniesTechnoscapesSocial accelerationChanging paradigms and changing languageDigital+ drama communitiesDigital+ drama communicationDigital+ drama identitiesDigital+ artistryConclusionImagining and acting in the extended present for unthought futuresThe post-normal present, the problematic futureDrama and the futureFuture possibilities for dramaConclusionThe future looks bright?Youth as hope/youth as problemDrama in these timesYouth and drama practiceEnduring discourses of beauty, love and hopeThe changing worldPleasure – beauty, joy and playHopeA final note – remembering love and care
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