Hermeneutics as a General Methodology of the Sciences of the Spirit

Emilio Betti: A Short BiographySome Untidy Reflections on the Betti–Gadamer DebateEditorial PrefaceHermeneutical problematics in contemporary consciousnessObjectivations of the spiritRepresentative formsRepresentative function & expressive valueTo interpret and to understandThe act of interpretation as a triadic processInversion of the creative process and transposition into one another subjectivityThe directives of interpretation: The canon of the hermeneutical autonomy of the objectThe canon of the coherence of meanings (The principle of totality)Analogy and integrative developmentCanon of the actuality of understandingThe vital rapport with the subject-matter & the direction of the inquiryIs it possible to achieve the objectivity of the historical phenomena?Function of the sensibility for the values proper of the historian: The value-relating interpretationThe answer to the proposed historical questionMeaning of a historical phenomenon and its significance in the presentDialog and monologHistorical interpretation and attribution of an eschatological meaningThe threat of denying the objectivityTheological hermeneutic and demythologizing of the KerygmaRecent turn toward the historicity of understandingThe prejudices as the conditions of the understandingExistential foundation of the hermeneutic circleThe problem of the correctness of the understandingHistorical understanding as mediation of past and presentThe mentioned claim is justified only if the interpretation is normatively orientedThe canon of the hermeneutical correspondence of meaning (Adequation of meaning in understanding)The character as a work of historical forms of life: Proposes a problematics of the higher gradeThe technical-morphologic interpretation in rapport to the prospected problems of formationContext of meanings and styles as products of the autonomy of the spiritual human faculties
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