Artificial Intelligence in Cultural Production: Critical Perspectives on Digital Platforms

Artificial intelligence in popular cultureConvergence of AI, digital platforms, and popular cultureWhat is artificial intelligence in popular culture?Convergence of Al, digital platforms, and popular cultureAl moves toward a digital platformConclusionAI, cultural policy, and the rise of counter-neoliberalismAl policies and the increasing tendency of counter-neoliberalismState-led Al policies in the Global NorthState-led Al policies in the Global SouthCounter-neoliberal Al policies in the media and cultural spheresNecessity of human-centered norms in the Al eraConclusionArtificial intelligence and cultural productionAl and the production of popular cultureEncounters of Al and popular culture: the Global NorthEncounters of Al and popular culture in the Global SouthPolitical economy of the convergence of Al and popular cultureConclusionNetflix’s effects in transforming global cultural normsEmergence of Netflix as a global digital platformAl reshapes the norms of cultural distributionTransforming local audio-visual cultureNetflix effects in the local OTT platform industryConclusionPersonalization of culture in the AI eraDisempowering empowerment of users in the Al ageThe personalization of culture: the relationship between platforms and audiencesPersonalization vs. network societyConclusionAI journalism, social media platforms, and fake newsAl and the platformization of journalismTransformation of journalism in the age of AlFake news, Al, and digital platformsHuman journalists in the age of Al journalismConclusionNew media ethics in the age of AITransparency, diversity, and Al ethicsAl algorithmic bias, fairness, and surveillanceSocial inequalities and asymmetrical power relationshipsCritical interpretation of media ethics in the Al-driven cultural industryConclusionWhat is the next direction in Al-saturated cultural production?
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