The Future of Diplomacy After COVID-19: Multilateralism and the Global Pandemic

The United Nations and multilateral diplomacy: the journey so far and the challenges aheadNotesCOVID-19 Where public health and diplomacy convergeDomestic and international adaptation to COVID-19Redefining national interests: interplay between priorities: protecting the economy and people’s healthMetamorphosing multilateral diplomacyNotesFuture of sustainable developmentBackground: towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable DevelopmentImplementation of the 2030 Agenda up to 2020Implications of COVID-19 on sustainable development and response from the UNInequalityClimate changeAdvancing the future of sustainable development post-COVIDStrengthening global health diplomacy in the time of CO VID-19: The case for adaptive leadershipNotesFuture of economic diplomacy and financing for development“The medical record” of the global economyThe practice of economic diplomacy and its “active ingredients and side effects”How did the pandemic infect the world economy, in its initial stage?International trade and its “quarantine”Rising debt with “pre-existing conditions”The future of work and the “new strain” of challengesEconomic diplomacy during the pandemic and towards the new paradigm of implementationThe United Nations “analgesics”Proposed “prescriptions” for the financing for developmentTrade in the “new normal”“Debt Treatment” in three phases and the middle-income countries challengesThe “new normal” and the future of workLooking forward: international tax cooperation, private finance and citiesThe role of Bretton Woods Institutions and COVID-19Future of digital cooperationThe state of Digital up to 2020: the good, the bad and the uglyState of governanceCOVID-19 “locking down” the goodCOVID-19 as a “booster shot” for the hadCOVID-19 “unmasking” the uglyGlobal digital cooperationBuilding hack better with broadband: how CO VID-19 has supercharged digital cooperationBeing offline means being left behindSeizing the momentLessons of the pandemicNotesFuture of international peace and security From the Spanish Flu to COVID-19 and to the next pandemicInternational peace and security up to 2020Implications of COVID-19 on international peace and securityThe impact of the pandemic on the United Nations peace and security machineryThe impact of COVID-19 on peace and security in the fieldRealpolitik and international security in the context of COVID-19What do we need to be future-ready?Turning a lost year into a leap forwardNotesThe future is multilateralismThe UN75 declaration as a turning pointBoosting partnerships at all levels and with all relevant stakeholdersDelivering for sustainable developmentEconomic diplomacy and financing for developmentImproving digital cooperationMaintaining international peace and securityMobilizing the Security CouncilRevitalizing the General AssemblyStrengthening the independence of the SecretariatConclusionNotes
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