Origins of Terrorism: The Rise of the World s Most Formidable Terrorist Groups

Insurgency, Religion and Terrorist RelationshipsInsurgency and its Relationship to TerrorismReligion and its Role in Islamic ExtremismTerrorists as Allies/Relationships Between Terrorists and Terrorist OrganizationsNotesTerror Mind ManipulationWhy Terror; Why Terror Groups: A Manipulation of the MindThat's Not FairWhyNotesTerrorist Landscape: Laying a FoundationThe EnemyIstishhad; Shahadat, the MartyrThe Small World of TerrorismNotesHow bin Laden Rose to Fame: A Historical PerspectiveOsama Bin Laden and The Base (Al Qaeda)Origin of the Sunni-Shiite SplitOverarching PhilosophiesPaving the Way for a Terrorist; The Rise of Osama Bin Laden: First You Have to HateNotesA Closer Look at bin LadenThe Bin Laden Family StructureOsama Bin Laden's Embrace of WahhabismNotesWhat about Russia?Russia's Role in the Rise of Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations: Beginning with Osama Bin Laden"Hole in the Wall" for International TerroristsRetired Special Forces Sergeant Major Billy Waugh, Not the FrenchThe Rise of the First Islamic State Leader, Musab ZarqawiSpiritual Advisor Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-MaqdisiMukabarat, "The Fingernail Factory": A Necessary EntityThe Merging of Unrelated EventsMukabarat and Khalayleh, Tied at the HipInspiration of the Women in Khalayleh's LifeThe United States of America: A Player in the ProcessKhalayleh, Taliban and Al Qaeda: Putting the Band Back TogetherNotesMeeting Key Players: Mullah Omar and the TalibanMullah Mohammad Omar and the TalibanThe Taliban Moves; The World Simply WatchesNotesOsama bin Laden; Mullah Mohammad Omar; Their Focus during This PeriodWhat Was America DoingAn Annoying MosquitoThe Aftermath of 9/11Why Did America Not Take Out the Terrorist Leader, Osama bin Laden, Before 9/11?Bin Laden, Omar, Zarqawi: What Did They Do Following the AttacksNotesAbu Musab ZarqawiMusab Zarqawi in Northern Iraq: A Little Fish in a Big PondZarqawi in Northern Iraq: The Early DaysFrom a Jack to a King in Ten Minutes: With a Little Help from AmericaTime Now, to Get to WorkNotesBirth of the Islamic StateMiredThe Islamic State (ISIS)Command and ControlAbu Bakr al-BaghdadiISIS in Syria: The Right Place at the Right TimeNotesWomen within Terrorism: New Tactics and What We Can Expect NextWomen Within Terrorism: By Chance and By ChoiceThe Birth/Rise of New Terror GroupsNew Terror TacticsNotes
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